Hardwood Flooring in Lebanon, PA from Home Improvement Outlet

Is there a difference between engineered and solid hardwood flooring?

If you're not familiar with engineered hardwood flooring, you might be surprised to learn how many design options are available when installing it in your home. 

It's easy to determine which type of wood is best for your residence by considering the similarities and the differences between the two wood floor options.


Wood floors
constructed with engineered wood look exactly like solid hardwood floors. That's because planks have a surface layer of hardwood and a base layer usually made of plywood. 

In addition, high-quality brands have a thick hardwood layer that can be sanded down and refinished if the floor becomes worn.


Unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood flooring is installed in moisture-prone rooms. Because of the makeup of the plywood base, cupping and buckling is not a problem when engineered wood is installed in bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. 

But it's important to note that engineered wood is not waterproof, so it's best to understand the limitations of any brand that you favor.

Installation method

Only solid hardwood flooring must be nailed to a wood subfloor. Engineered wood flooring is designed for floating floor installation, which means that planks fit together in a click-lock fashion, so no attachment to a subfloor is necessary. 

Thus, installers can easily place engineered planks over cement slabs and existing hard surface flooring. 

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