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Is cabinet replacement necessary during kitchen remodeling?

When you remodel your kitchen, you have two choices: undergo a significant renovation, remove and replace the existing cabinetry, or take on a smaller home improvement project and give your cabinets a new, updated look.

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Refinishing is the easiest and most cost-effective way to improve your kitchen cabinets, and it's a simple way to give a kitchen a new look. Of course, this process is ideal if the style is just right and the cabinets are in great shape, but often, damaged cabinets can be repaired, and discolorations can be cleaned.

Then, the stain is removed, the paint is stripped from the cabinets, and a new protective finish layer is applied, so your kitchen cabinets show off a brand-new color.


Alternatively, cabinets can be resurfaced with wood veneers, or thin pieces of wood, which means that the doors, drawer faces, and side panels are replaced, but the cabinet boxes remain intact.

In other words, you pick out new doors and drawer fronts, and your current cabinet boxes are covered with a veneer to match the doors and drawers. Of course, you can keep the hardware, including handles and hinges, but you'll likely welcome a relatively inexpensive change.

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