You've probably heard that you can sell your home for a higher price if it includes hardwood floors, and yes, that 'rumor' is often true. Hardwood has been a favorite flooring material for over a century, and its classic beauty continues to attract the attention of potential homeowners. However, engineered wood flooring is a good alternative if solid hardwood does not suit your application or budget. Home Improvement Outlet is a wood flooring store in Lebanon, PA, that you can depend on for all of your flooring needs and much more.

What realtors think of hardwood flooring

Realtors know the market best, and likely, each one has anecdotal stories about the benefits of hardwood flooring when it comes time to sell your home. Surveys conducted by the National Wood Flooring Association show that 99-percent of real estate agents state that homes with hardwood flooring are easiest to sell. In addition, 90-percent of these agents say the homes sell for more money. The study found that the sales price can be as much as 2.5-percent higher.

Studies on wood floor value

Studies confirm what realtors assert. For example, per a study of homebuyer preferences completed by USA Today, 54-percent of buyers were willing to pay more for a home that included hardwood floors. That's not surprising since formal and informal online surveys find that most participants prefer this traditional flooring. Further, IMARC Group, a market research company, expects the global hardwood flooring market to grow shortly.

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