Carpet in Lebanon, PA from Home Improvement Outlet

All about carpet texture

The type of carpet influences the overall look of a room, so you want to be sure to choose a style that blends well with your decorating style. The texture and color are essential for function and decor. 

Home Improvement Outlet, a family-owned carpet store in Lebanon, PA, brings the trendiest carpet flooring styles to an area that includes Lebanon, Berks, Lancaster, Dauphin, and Schuylkill counties.

Carpeting construction

Texture, or the look and feel, of carpeting, can be soft and plush, or it can be a little sturdier underfoot but ideal for specific areas of the home like the basement or family room. Fibers are looped onto a backing to construct carpet flooring. 

More specifically, these loops make up what is known as the carpet's 'pile.' In general, good quality carpet flooring is composed of densely packed fibers that are short, medium, or long in height. 


Factors related to the pile determine the look and feel of the carpet. For example, level loop pile carpets have a tight overall texture, while cut pile carpets, created by cutting the loops, have different textures. 

Cut pile carpet flooring textures, altered by changing the density of the pile and the number of times the fibers are twisted, are found in styles that include: 

● Tightly twisted piles that lie in multiple directions or a frieze style.

● Evenly cut fibers that stand straight up, or a Saxony style.

● Looped fibers, which creates an interesting geometric pattern. 

Your store for all things carpet

Home Improvement Outlet installs all types of carpeting in homes and businesses, and we offer other services like bathroom and kitchen renovation. You can see our company trucks in Lebanon, Hershey, Manheim, Reading, Jonestown, Harrisburg, and nearby Pennsylvania communities. 

So, please stop by our showroom today, choose one of our high-quality carpets, and then our installers will come to your home!